Academic Writing Masterclass

Academic Writing Masterclass Workshop – Thursday 1st June 2017 and Wednesday 7th June 2017.

A Masterclass is tutor-led group session for academic writers who would like to get feedback on their writing from a small, supportive audience.

Prior to the Masterclass you will be invited to submit an extract (approximately 1000 words) from your academic writing two weeks in advance. All submissions will be circulated, anonymously and in strict confidence, to other course participants.

If your writing is discussed at the Masterclass – something which depends on the number of submissions – your text will be approached as a ‘minimal viable product’ rather than a finished piece. Feedback will focus on the strengths of your writing as well as any writing patterns that may inhibit clarity or make your writing less effective.

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Places available: Upcoming IAD PhD Workshops

We have places available on the following upcoming workshops:

Presenting Made Easy – Delivering Presentations

20th March 2017

This workshop gives the opportunity to deliver a presentation.  Participants will present a prepared 5 min(max) talk on subject of their own choice or give an overview of their subject preferably using visual aids. They will then receive positive and encouraging feedback. More information and booking here

Searching Research Literature and Managing Bibliographies

22nd March 2017

This workshop is a mixture of presentations and hands on practical computer-based sessions to help participants understand the information research process and developing Good practice in literature searching.  More information and booking here

Proof Reading

22nd March 2017

This workshop looks at the many stages of copy-editing and proof-reading that must be done before the thesis is submitted or the academic paper published. We look at some myths about writing, identify common errors and offer a range of techniques for spotting them.  More information and booking here

Writing a Literature Review

23rd March 2017

Developing a review is a complex task which involves selecting, organising and evaluating source material; reading actively while taking effective notes; and shaping relevant information into a coherent piece of writing. This workshop offers practical ways of making this process manageable and beginning to develop a review. More information and booking here

For a full list of all our workshops please see here


Structured Writing Retreat

We are running a structured writing retreat on Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Come to a writing retreat if you want to make progress on a writing project (such as a thesis chapter or a journal article) and build confidence in your academic writing skills. At this structured retreat, writing slots will be interspersed with short discussions and reflections. The retreat format of working alongside (and sometimes in conversation with) others has been shown to generate pages as well as solutions to writing problems.

You will get the most out of this retreat if you:untitledgyh

  • decide on a writing project in advance, with corresponding goals for the day
  • don’t use the internet during the writing retreat
  • do as much relevant reading and other preparation as possible in advance
  • bring notes, plans and outlines for your writing project to the retreat

As places are limited please only book a place if you are able to attend this session in full

Find out more, and book a place here

‘Just Write’ for Research Students

Are you struggling to find the time to write without interruption?  We run Just Write sessions for research students providing a time and place to write without the distractions of emails, Facebook, Twitter and everyday life.

‘Just Write’ will provide you with a quiet space to focus exclusively on your writing, the session is not facilitated, however a member of staff will be present to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the session.333

Thinking of coming along? Here is what you need to know:

  • You will get the most out of the time by coming prepared to write
  • Bring your laptop and any notes you may need with you
  • You can use this time to focus on anything related to your work

We run these sessions once a month, and have the following dates upcoming:

6th April 2016 – Central Campus

26th May 2016  Kings Buildings

30th June 2016 – Central Campus

You can find out more here

Writing Workshops for PhD Students

The Institute for Academic Development offer a range of writing workshops for your PhD, from getting started to writing up, designed to meet the complex demands of academic writing. These are a mixture of group workshops, 1-1 sessions and an online eWriting course.

An example of the workshops we run include: