Easy the Load – Feel good about your Busy Life Workshop

Ease the Load – Feel Good about your Busy Life – 19th October 2016

Staying on top and in control of our work in this fast-paced world is becoming increasingly difficult. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and have a knock on effect to our personal life. This session has been developed to help effectively manage a hectic and complex workload and support us as we focus on the important, plan our work effectively and attack it with confidence.

This new, full day course looks at time management from a fresh perspective to support researchers at all levels, through the development of an approach which puts you back in control of your time.imagesCALDO9DF

Course Purpose:

This course aims to support researchers at all levels, providing an approach which puts you in control and reduces overall stress. Applying this helps you to enjoy, and not just cope with, your busy schedule, leaving you on top of your work, not buried by it. Productivity without the stress.


  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule
  • Feel on top of work and home life
  • Get the inbox back to empty
  • Effectively plan and progress projects
  • Clarify roles, prioritise goals and learn to say “No”
  • Efficiently organise paperwork, emails and other inputs

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Compass Programme for International Research Students

The international COMPASS programme is a series of workshops and events for international research postgraduates studying in Scotland.

compassThe programme aims to provide:

  • The opportunity to socialise, network and learn about Scotland
  • Transferable skills training
  • Professional and career information and advice

We have several workshops and an event taking place this semester.

COMPASS Induction Event – Thursday 6th October 2016

COMPASS Academic Communication Skills – Wednesday 12th October 2016

COMPASS Visit to the Scottish Parliament – Thursday 17th November 2016

For more detailed information on the workshops please click here

Prepare for Doctoral Success – A New Online Course

banner-prepare-for-doctoral-successPrepare for Doctoral Success is a 4-week, interactive course for all doctoral researchers at the University of Edinburgh. Starting a doctorate is a very exciting time, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. This course aims to help you settle in by sharing essential information, tips and advice and giving you an opportunity to interact with other students at the same stage. The course is structured as follows:

Week 1: Getting to know you – this is to introduce you to the course and other participants

Week 2: Starting out – the essential information and expectations

Week 3: The first year- milestones, planning and skills development

Week 4: Working with your supervisor – hints and tips, expectations and supervisor styles

The course is hosted in Learn and you can find out more and book a place here

New workshop: An Introduction to Academic Publishing: From Writing to Ranking

We are running the following new workshop:

An Introduction to Academic Publishing: From Writing to Ranking 2/6/16

In this workshop, Publishers from Elsevier will host a session covering: best practice on how to get write scholarly articles; how to identify the right journal for your paper and common pitfalls to avoid when submitting your work. We will also be exploring why and how journal and research quality is measured. We will consider the origins, features and drawbacks of the Impact Factor as well as looking at the H-Index, SCImago Journal Rgibson_publishing_services_bannerank and several other metrics. This will be an open and informative session, aimed at those looking to publish their first paper and/or who are interested in the numbers associated with academic publishing, how they work and how they can affect a researcher’s career.

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Beating Writers Block Workshop

You know you need to start (or continue) to write – so what is stopping you? Writer’s block can occur at any stage in the process of writing a PhD, and typically not only affects planning but well-being and motivation as well. untitledgyh

We are running a workshop ‘Beating Writer’s Block’ to look at how writer’s block manifests, what causes it and what strategies you can adopt to re-connect with your research, your writing, your confidence and your voice.

Beating Writers Block (CHSS) – 22nd March 2016

Beating Writers Block (CMVM and CSCE) – 19th April 2016

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‘Just Write’ for Research Students

Are you struggling to find the time to write without interruption?  We run Just Write sessions for research students providing a time and place to write without the distractions of emails, Facebook, Twitter and everyday life.

‘Just Write’ will provide you with a quiet space to focus exclusively on your writing, the session is not facilitated, however a member of staff will be present to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the session.333

Thinking of coming along? Here is what you need to know:

  • You will get the most out of the time by coming prepared to write
  • Bring your laptop and any notes you may need with you
  • You can use this time to focus on anything related to your work

We run these sessions once a month, and have the following dates upcoming:

6th April 2016 – Central Campus

26th May 2016  Kings Buildings

30th June 2016 – Central Campus

You can find out more here

New Workshop: Creating Effective Collaboration

We are running a new workshop on the 22nd March 2016 – Creating Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is a skillset with great benefits for postgraduate researchers, both in researching for their PhD and beyond. This highly interactive workshop is an opportunity for participants to reflect on their strengths, determine what they want and develop a constructive approach to current and future collaborations. In particular, participants will:

  • recognise their greatest strengths and skills as collaborators;untitledlll
  • explore practically what makes collaborations work;
  • identify their own collaboration goals.

This is an interactive session: participants will be expected to work in pairs and small groups, and share their ideas with the workshop.

For more information see: http://edin.ac/1nj3HAl

Presenting Made Easy Workshops

Due to high demand, we have added additional dates for the ‘Presenting Made Easy’ Workshops, details below:

Presenting Made Easy – Presentation Techniques

The course is designed to equip participants with skills and techniques to develop and improve presentations for a variety of audiences. The content of the course addresses specific needs identified by the participants through their completed pre-questionnaires.

Topics covered includes:

  • Confident and engaging deliveryimagesll
  • Dealing with stage-fright (controlling nerves)
  • Body language
  • Structure
  • Coping with Q and A
  • Enjoy Presenting

We aim to dispel the fear many people feel when being faced with speaking in public.

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Monday 14th March 2016

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Presenting Made Easy – Delivering Presentations

This course is an optional follow on from the Presentations Made Easy – Presentations Techniques course. This half day course gives participants the opportunity to deliver a presentation.  Participants will present a prepared 5 min(max) talk on subject of their own choice or give an overview of their subject preferably using visual aids. They will then receive positive and encouraging feedback.

Monday 18th January 2016

Monday 21st March 2016

More information and booking can be found here

Research, Researchers and Media – A Hands On Approach to Communicating Your Research

Are you interested in finding out how to effectively communicate your research to the media?

We are running a workshop on the 18th – 20th February 2016 entitled ‘Research, Researchers and Media – A Hands On Approach to Communicating Your Research’

Course description:

The red light comes on and you’re live on air to millions of listeners. That’s the experience we replicate on this immersive three-day course in broadcast production. For that added touch of reality, we install you in one of the state of the art studios at the BBC’s Pacific Quay Glasgow headquarters.

You also explore the newsgathering process, producing video and radio reports for the evening news. There will be nowhere to hide as you work in groups filming, scripting and editing to tight deadlines.

And, from fairy tales to Star Wars, what makes a great story? In a workshop on narrative, we will uncover the essence of compelling storytelling and how to apply it to your own research.k6789970

Whether in the humanities, the arts or sciences, communicating your research matters. In this workshop we explore how to formulate your messages in ways that are relevant, fresh and engaging for diverse non-specialist audiences. This is not a straight media training course. We aim to go deeper than that by critiquing the processes by which ideas pass from academia to the living room. We cast you as the journalists, programme-makers and exhibition designers, bringing you face to face with the practises and pitfalls of the mass media.

There is a strong emphasis on group work, requiring an open mind and a willingness to get stuck in. There is a significant distance-learning element to the course three weeks before you arrive. Think carefully before signing up to this workshop. You will be required to complete around five hours worth of pre-planning online. This will be in a group structure meaning that it will not be possible to opt out of the course once the pre-workshop tuition is underway in February.

The course leader is Gareth Mitchell of Imperial College London and BBC Radio.

 More information and booking here

Viva Survivor Workshop

Is your viva approaching?? We have a workshop that can help you prepare!Winning

Viva Survivor

Thursday 19th November and Friday 20th November 2015

The viva is the culmination of the PhD process: a lot of work has led to this point, but a feeling of anxiety can accompany the sense of achievement at completing one’s thesis. For many PhD candidates the time leading up to the viva is filled with stress about the day, and uncertainty about how to prepare and what the viva will be like.

Viva Survivor is a session for postgraduate researchers close to submission who want to gain insight on how to be well prepared for their viva. In this session participants will:

  • identify sources of support for their viva preparation;
  • explore practical strategies to prepare themselves and their thesis;
  • discuss common viva questions.

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