Places available: Upcoming IAD PhD Workshops

We have places available on the following upcoming workshops:

Practical Project Management for Research Students

25th April 2018

This workshop will introduce you to project management, with a focus on the development of practical skills. More information here

Simply Assertive

11th May 2018

The aim of this workshop is to enable delegates to have a greater self confidence in difficult situations and feel able to express their opinions. More information here 

Speed Reading

11th May 2018

This short workshop will give you a number of tools to help you to read more quickly, more strategically and more critically. More information here

Effective Writing: Grammar

11th May 2018

Native speakers of English often have little knowledge of formal grammar and non-native speakers may know the grammar in theory but find the practice is a lot harder. This workshop starts by providing the vocabulary to discuss grammar. Using examples of academic writing from a variety of subject areas, we deal with common errors in sentence construction and punctuation in the work of native and non-native speakers.  Finally, we look at how a knowledge of grammar can help the writer communicate more effectively in a way that the reader will enjoy. More information here






Facilitation Skills for Public Engagement

Facilitation skills for public engagement workshop 10/5/18

Do you need facilitation skills to do your job? Probably: good facilitation skills are critical to team working, collaborating with other teams and organisations, planning and holding meetings, and small group teaching.

If you’d like to improve the communication and inter-personal skills needed to facilitate well, this workshop may be for you!network-1020332_1920

Skills You’ll Develop:

– Enabling everyone to speak openly about their views, interests and needs

– Thinking together to tackle difficult problems or get a job done

– Fostering creativity and realise the potential for ‘group intelligence’

– Handling dominant voices and ensure all participants are heard

– Working through conflict without confrontation

– Recognising different patterns of communication and encourage ‘authentic’ communication

– Using your power as a facilitator constructively

Training Approach:

Our training approach integrates some ‘theory’ with a lot of opportunities to practice. Specifically, we will:

– Introduce key concepts – about different forms of communication and styles of facilitation, and about collaboration

– Work on key skills and common challenges, giving you experience of some different techniques and approaches

– Make this relevant to your circumstances and needs, and encourage your reflective practice.

What this Course Does Not Cover:

Facilitation involves two skill sets: thinking strategically (for planning and evaluation); and attending to communication and inter-personal dynamics in these critical conversations. This workshop aims to build capacity in the latter skill set only.

While this workshop is extremely useful for people wishing to engage others with their research, this won’t be a specific focus on the day.


This workshop is intended for people who already do some facilitation and want the opportunity to reflect on and deepen their practice in this area. Those new to facilitation and dialogue, are encouraged to attend Public Engagement Beyond Public Lectures instead.

For more information and booking see here


Places available: Upcoming IAD PhD Workshops

We have places available on the following upcoming workshops:

Structured Writing Retreat

11th April 2018

This writing retreat is an opportunity to make progress on a writing project and build confidence in your academic writing skills.  Writing slots will be interspersed with short discussions and reflections. More information here

Managing your Research Project

17th April 2018

Project management is a core skill for most jobs and being a researcher is no different.   This workshop is designed to help you take control of your research and support you in the successful completion of your PhD and future research projects. More information here

Searching Research Literature and Finding Bibliographies

17th April 2018

The workshop is a mixture of presentations and hands on practical computer-based sessions to help participants understand the information research process and developing Good practice in literature searching. More information here

Conference and Events Organising

18th April 2018

The workshop is designed to cover event planning and design, management, finance, venues, online tools, marketing and promotion, attracting sponsorship and post-event actions. More information here

Good Practice in Research Data Management

19th April 2018

This workshop is aimed at all postgraduate researchers who are interested in finding out how to manage their research data effectively and efficiently during their post graduate research study. More information here

Finding Funding for Research

20th April 2018

This workshop will initially focus on examining the current funding landscape, helping researchers to identify the most promising sources of funding for their research. In the second part we will look at funding applications and they review process, highlighting the most important mistakes researchers make and defining a strategy for applying that will produce the greatest success. More information here