Writing Courses for International PhD Students

English Language Education run a number of courses for international PhD students, including:

Writing a First Year Report for first year doctoral students  https://www.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/students/current-students/elsis/elsis-courses/course-9; this course will start in the week beginning 29th January.

Reviewing the Literature for second year doctoral students (and students at the end of their first year, if they have passed their Board / been upgraded) https://www.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/students/current-students/elsis/elsis-courses/phd-review-lit. This course will start in the week beginning 19th February.

For these two courses, there are also independent study materials available, for those students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes, or who already have a good level of academic written English and would simply appreciate some reference materials: https://www.edweb.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/students/current-students/elsis/elsis-courses/independent-study-materials

Writing up your PhD: Quantitative researchhttps://www.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/students/current-students/elsis/elsis-courses/writing-phd. For this course, there are no independent study materials, as we use a very helpful course book, which students can buy at Blackwells: Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English by Hilary Glasman-Deal. The course starts in the week beginning January 22nd.

Writing up your PhD: Qualitative researchhttps://www.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/students/current-students/elsis/elsis-courses/phd-qual . This course will start in the week beginning 5th February, and there are independent study materials available.



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