A Creative Enlightenment 2017: Social and Digital Ventures

A Creative Enlightenment 2017

16 | 23 | 30 March 2017

Dundee | Edinburgh | Glasgow

Do you have a creative idea? Are you thinking about starting your own company or social enterprise? Looking for inspiration in how digital platforms can enhance your work? A Creative Enlightenment is for you …

This three-day training programme is for doctoral researchers in the arts and humanities from across Scotland who are thinking about how they can apply their skills and experience beyond the PhD, particularly in relation to being self-employed or starting a business or social enterprise.

Programme overview

A Creative Enlightenment (ACE) incorporates a mix of workshops and talks that look at aspects of setting up a social enterprise, protecting your intellectual property, using digital to develop audiences, sources of funding and pitching your idea.

The programme aims to strike a balance between focusing on your own professional development and bigger picture issues affecting creative and social enterprises.


  • Hear from a range of industry speakers including:Beth Bate, Dundee Contemporary Arts;Gillian Easson, Creative Dundee; Katie Ailes, Loud Poets; Philip Hannay, Cloch Solicitors; Rebecca Thompson, Hot Tap Media/Social Screen; Susan Morrison, Bright Club
  • Build skills through a Social Enterprise Academy workshop on starting and running a social enterprise
  • Get an insider view on juggling research with artistic enterprise
  • Find out how to identify, protect and exploit your IP and free IP rights
  • Gain insights into future trends in digital
  • Find out about sources of funding and learn how to find your voice and pitch your idea through a Bright Club Workshop
  • Apply your research thinking to real industry challenges

Find out more here


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