How to be an Effective Researcher Workshop

What can you do to make yourself a more effective PhD researcher and get the most out of your PhD?

We are running the ‘How to be an Effective Researcher’ workshop on the 23rd and 24th February 2017

This interactive and intensive 2-day course has been designed for first and second year PhD students and will look at practical ways to increase your effectiveness and meet the challenges of your PhD.

The course will cover:

  • PhD project planning
  • Effective working practices
  • Working with others in the research environment
  • Maximising your impact
  • Managing your supervisor
  • Negotiating
  • Getting feedback
  • Making the most of your PhD – planning for the future

Participants work in groups to work on a range of activities. From this you will gain awareness of your performance as an individual and in a team. You will use and develop skills that are essential for a researcher such as communication, planning, time management, problem solving, leadership and assertiveness, as well as building a greater self-awareness of your learning and working styles. The course was developed at the University of Edinburgh with support from Vitae and has been attended by thousands of researchers at universities across the UK. It was devised with input from tutors from academia, industry and other sectors to ensure its relevance to PhD research and future careers.

Find out more, and book a place here


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