Easy the Load – Feel good about your Busy Life Workshop

Ease the Load – Feel Good about your Busy Life – 19th October 2016

Staying on top and in control of our work in this fast-paced world is becoming increasingly difficult. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and have a knock on effect to our personal life. This session has been developed to help effectively manage a hectic and complex workload and support us as we focus on the important, plan our work effectively and attack it with confidence.

This new, full day course looks at time management from a fresh perspective to support researchers at all levels, through the development of an approach which puts you back in control of your time.imagesCALDO9DF

Course Purpose:

This course aims to support researchers at all levels, providing an approach which puts you in control and reduces overall stress. Applying this helps you to enjoy, and not just cope with, your busy schedule, leaving you on top of your work, not buried by it. Productivity without the stress.


  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule
  • Feel on top of work and home life
  • Get the inbox back to empty
  • Effectively plan and progress projects
  • Clarify roles, prioritise goals and learn to say “No”
  • Efficiently organise paperwork, emails and other inputs

More information and booking here


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