Beating Writers Block Workshop

You know you need to start (or continue) to write – so what is stopping you? Writer’s block can occur at any stage in the process of writing a PhD, and typically not only affects planning but well-being and motivation as well. untitledgyh

We are running a workshop ‘Beating Writer’s Block’ to look at how writer’s block manifests, what causes it and what strategies you can adopt to re-connect with your research, your writing, your confidence and your voice.

Beating Writers Block (CHSS) – 22nd March 2016

Beating Writers Block (CMVM and CSCE) – 19th April 2016

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‘Just Write’ for Research Students

Are you struggling to find the time to write without interruption?  We run Just Write sessions for research students providing a time and place to write without the distractions of emails, Facebook, Twitter and everyday life.

‘Just Write’ will provide you with a quiet space to focus exclusively on your writing, the session is not facilitated, however a member of staff will be present to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the session.333

Thinking of coming along? Here is what you need to know:

  • You will get the most out of the time by coming prepared to write
  • Bring your laptop and any notes you may need with you
  • You can use this time to focus on anything related to your work

We run these sessions once a month, and have the following dates upcoming:

6th April 2016 – Central Campus

26th May 2016  Kings Buildings

30th June 2016 – Central Campus

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New Workshop: Creating Effective Collaboration

We are running a new workshop on the 22nd March 2016 – Creating Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is a skillset with great benefits for postgraduate researchers, both in researching for their PhD and beyond. This highly interactive workshop is an opportunity for participants to reflect on their strengths, determine what they want and develop a constructive approach to current and future collaborations. In particular, participants will:

  • recognise their greatest strengths and skills as collaborators;untitledlll
  • explore practically what makes collaborations work;
  • identify their own collaboration goals.

This is an interactive session: participants will be expected to work in pairs and small groups, and share their ideas with the workshop.

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