Enterprising Women Workshop 2015

Do you feel equipped for the challenges ahead?

Whatever your career objective, be it continuing in research, moving into a commercial role, entering the public or charity sectors or building and managing your own company you need a broader set of skills and attitudes than those developed through your research.

Enterprising Women is a three-day course spread over three months that was developed at Edinburgh University with two external enterprising women who have experience of research, commerce, social enterprise and running their own business.   Along with its counterpart Ingenious Women (shortlisted for a 2013 THE Award) we have worked with close to 100 women on this programme over the last two years. This free course, aimed at female researchers, takes place over the following three days:

Day 1
Wednesday 7th October 2015
Theme One: Creativity

Creativity is not a mysterious gift possessed by some and envied by others. It is a set of behaviours which can be easily learnt and applied in everyday life. Learn how to boost your own creativity, understand more about the creative strengths you have and develop a strategy to improve your innovative approach, whatever work you do and whatever career lies ahead. Leave the course with your own tailored creativity toolkit.

Day 2:
 Friday 6th November 2015
Theme Two: Cash

What is your attitude to money and finance? Something scary…or exciting? The initial focus of this workshop will be to explore and understand your own attitudes and behaviours with money and then to develop the most effective approaches. You will learn how to value and cost your ideas, be they for a business, research project or your own time. We’ll cover how money can be found to fund projects, how it can be managed and explore your own feelings about risk. This is a highly interactive money related day (but there will be no need to disclose your own financial position at any point).

Day 3:
 Wednesday 2nd December 2015
Theme Three: Control

Managing a career is challenging. We may not always feel that we can control our environment, the people around us or even ourselves. This workshop will help you to articulate your career vision and work out how to achieve it. We will look at how to work effectively with others to help you secure your vision. Techniques will include negotiation, relationship building, self-awareness and priority setting.

For more information, or to book a place, please see here


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