Statistics Support for PhD Researchers

In academic year 15/16 we are running the following statistics workshops for PhD Researchers:

Introductory Statistics for Life Scientists – Level 1 and Level 2dddd

This is a 5 week course delivered entirely on-line within Learn (the University’s virtual learning environment, VLE). It will introduce students to the basic principles of statistical thinking (statistical inference) and one or two of the most common types of analysis that might be needed for Masters or PhD research projects. It is aimed mainly at students undertaking projects (at either level) in the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine (particularly in lab-based subjects), but it may be of more general use, too – we welcome participants from any discipline, although the examples used will tend to reflect the instructors’ backgrounds in clinical research, public health and veterinary medicine. The principles taught, however, are universal!

More information and dates can be found here

Statistical Consultancy 1:1 Session

This is an opportunity to discuss your research one-to-one with an experienced medical statistician during a 45 minute slot. Please bring along your queries about your study design or data.

More information and dates can be found here

Statistics for the Terrified

Statistics for the Terrified is a self-paced, online, basic statistics tutorial, written in plain English, with only a tiny bit of mathematics. It explains common statistical concepts using common sense terminology and explanations, and includes plenty of interactive exercises and animated illustrations.

More information can be found here


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