Bitesize: Creating Remarkable Postgrad/Supervisor Relationships

We have added a new Bitesize Workshop! Open to Supervisors and PhD Students.

Creating Remarkable Postgrad/Supervisor Relationships 27/3/15

I often forget what it is like to be a student, so simply listening to their experiences can be very powerful. And students may not understand what is going on in supervisors’ heads until they hear it out loud (and then they may realise absent mindedness rather than malice is at work).”relationship_selling,_sales,_9-27_catley

Edinburgh University supervisor

Why this session?

Nobody says much about the emotional and social aspects of research – it’s the unspoken stuff.  Post-grad students and their supervisors are all part of the affective mix, and when they get it right it can make for a great research project, and a potentially great researcher.  But when the emotional mix is off-balance it can be destructive, without anyone wanting it to be so.

What is the session?

This is an interactive session, working with your own experience of post-grad/supervisor relationships.  We ask how the relationships can develop to support both parties effectively, and use assertiveness techniques, role play and the Transactional Analysis adult/parent/child model.

What will the session do?

Find out what you are doing right, and do more of it; and work on ways of challenging and changing less helpful emotions, behaviours and processes.

Who are we?

The session is run by Alison Williams, a recent (2013) PhD, specialist in affect and creativity, and still remembering what the unspoken stuff is like; and Professor Judy Robertson of Digital Learning, already well known in Edinburgh University for being human.  Both are editors of BITE: Recipes for remarkable research.

What people have learned in previous sessions:

“Most people have problems similar to what I have, and I’m not the only person.”

“A better ability to think outside the box of my current supervisor/ student relationships; and to be able to think through how to change things constructively.”  

Click here for more information


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