Maximising your influence at meetings and conferences

Do you attend conferences and meetings and need help to maximise your influence, develop your contacts and network effectively?? We run two workshops which can help you develop these skills:

Developing your Personal Presence and Contacts (10/11/2014)

This 2-hour participative session will help develop your self-awareness and enhance your skills in developing professional contacts. The session will include:-

  • Presenting yourself positivelyimagesCAVNHXRR
  • Understanding the impact of your non-verbal behaviour
  • Realising that first impressions DO matter
  • Adapting to different situations

For more information see:

Maximising your Influence at Meetings (10/12/2014)

This is a highly participative 2-hour session to explore how you can become more effective and influential at meetings, thus developing a key everyday work skill.

The session includes:-

  • Defining effective meetings
  • Active listening
  • Encouraging good participation
  • Identifying and practising the important verbal behaviours of meetings
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour

For more information see:


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