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The Managing Your Digital Footprint Campaign has a number of prizes and activities

***(Eligibility: University of Edinburgh matriculated students)***

  • You could win a Kindle! There are a number of ‘you have found a foot’ posters around campus. There are also a number of ‘you have found a foot’ images on various University web pages, Facebook pages and blogs. Find at least 5 (all on campus, all online, or both) and enter the competition for an opportunity to win a Kindle*.The competition will take place from 29 Sept-31 Oct 2014. Closing date: 31 Oct 2014. Further details Hints can be found on the blog:
  • You could win a £10 book token! Take a few minutes to complete the ‘managing your digital footprint’ survey. Closing date: 7 Nov 2014. Further details
  • Contribute to our virtual walls (Padlets). We would like you to contribute to the virtual walls (Padlet), so that we can collect and share a variety of resources. You can add text, links, images, and audio to the virtual wall. You can add as many as you would like to the different Padlets. Further details

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Maximising your influence at meetings and conferences

Do you attend conferences and meetings and need help to maximise your influence, develop your contacts and network effectively?? We run two workshops which can help you develop these skills:

Developing your Personal Presence and Contacts (10/11/2014)

This 2-hour participative session will help develop your self-awareness and enhance your skills in developing professional contacts. The session will include:-

  • Presenting yourself positivelyimagesCAVNHXRR
  • Understanding the impact of your non-verbal behaviour
  • Realising that first impressions DO matter
  • Adapting to different situations

For more information see:

Maximising your Influence at Meetings (10/12/2014)

This is a highly participative 2-hour session to explore how you can become more effective and influential at meetings, thus developing a key everyday work skill.

The session includes:-

  • Defining effective meetings
  • Active listening
  • Encouraging good participation
  • Identifying and practising the important verbal behaviours of meetings
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour

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Researcher-Led Initiative Fund

Do you have an idea for a project or event that could support your development as well as the development of others?  The University recognises the importance of researchers having a choice in how they develop their transferable skills and the Researcher-Led Initiative fund supports this.imagesgggg

So what is it? The Researcher-Led Initiative Fund is available for specific projects/activities/events initiated by University of Edinburgh research students or research staff, for the benefit of groups of researchers at a School, research unit or research group level.  The aim of the fund is to allow researchers themselves to have a greater input into the ways in which they are supported and developed, giving them the opportunity to think more creatively and proactively.  The maximum total amount available to any one submission is £3,000, though many of the funded projects will be for amounts much lower than this.

The fund has many benefits, it can create the opportunity for interdisciplinary work, allow the development of ideas and projects, with the potential for wider public engagement, promote and encourage student and staff interaction, help build and engage research communities and networks and allow potential research collaborations, that wouldn’t necessarily happen otherwise.  Feedback from previous applications highlighted the positive impact of being able to develop something from start to finish and how the skills acquired could be applied in their current and future work.

The initiatives must be in keeping with the researcher development agenda of professional and career development however this can take many forms.  Previous funded initiatives include: writing groups/retreats; the establishment and/or promotion of postgrad and research staff societies; public communication events; conferences; seminar series; and much more.  A short overview of previous successful projects is available from our website.

The fund has 2 rounds each year (June / December) with the next round closing on 1st December 2014.

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Delivering Effective Presentations

This year we are offering two new courses on delivering effective presentations:

Presenting Made Easy – Presentation Techniques

The course is designed to equipt participants with skills and techniques to develop and improve presentations for a variety of audiences. The content of the course addresses specific needs identified by the participants through their completed pre-questionnaires.

Topics covered includes:imagesll

  • Confident and engaging delivery
  • Dealing with stage-fright (controlling nerves)
  • Body language
  • Structure
  • Coping with Q and A
  • Enjoy Presenting

This course aims to dispel the fear many people feel when being faced with speaking in public.

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.”

Monday 10th November 2014 (CHSS)

Tuesday 11th November 2014 (CSCE and CMVM)

 Presenting Made Easy – Delivering Presentations

This course is an optional follow on from the Presentations Made Easy – Presentations Techniques course. This half day course gives participants the opportunity to deliver a presentation.  Participants will present a prepared 5 min(max) talk on subject of their own choice or give an overview of their subject preferably using visual aids. They will then receive positive and encouraging feedback.

Monday 17th November 2014

Ease the Load – Feel good about your busy life

We are running a new course: ‘Ease the Load – Feel good about your busy life’ on Wednesday 29th October 2014

  • Complex workload?
  • Inbox becoming overwhelming?
  • Having to do ‘more with less’?
  • Need time for your personal life?

Staying on top and in control of our work in this fast-paced world is becoming increasingly difficult. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and have a knock on effect to our personal life. This session has been developed to help effectively manage a hectic and complex workload and support us as we focus on the important, plan our work effectively and attack it with confidence. This new, full day course looks at time management from a fresh perspective to support employees at all levels, through the development of an approach which puts you back in control of your time.


  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule.
  • Feel on top of work and home life.
  • Get the inbox back to empty.
  • Effectively plan and progress projects.
  • Clarify roles, prioritise goals and learn to say “No”
  • Efficiently organise paperwork, emails and other inputs.

This unique course, which is not traditional time management, is highly acclaimed by busy professionals at all levels and providing extremely popular in this climate of ‘doing more with less’

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