Bitesize Workshops for Researchers

This academic year we will continue to run a ‘bitesize’ series of workshops for PhD students and research staff. These give people the opportunity to attend short, condensed sessions on specific topics such aimagess presentation skills, without the time commitment of a full day workshop. Most of these ‘bitesize’ workshops are 2-3 hours long, and we are trialling some with an early start time (8.30am), to allow people to attend a workshop and then still have almost a full day in the office or lab.

This year we are running the following workshops:

  • An Introduction to Social Media (29/9/14)
  • Measuring and Boosting your Research Impact: Strategy, Tools and Communicating (24/10/14)
  • Conference and Events Organising (21/11/14)
  • Designing Creativity and Innovation within Research (12/1/15)
  • Designing Effective Slides (12/2/15)

For more information on these workshops please visit:


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