The International COMPASS Programme

The International COMPASS programme is a series of workshops and events for international postgraduates studying in Scotland.  compass

The programme aims to provide:

  • the opportunity to socialise, network and learn about Scotland
  • the opportunity to visit other parts of Scotland.
  • transferable skills training
  • professional and career information and advice

For more information see:

Workshops and Events:

Induction Friday 10th October 2014 09.30-12.00
Academic Communication Skills HSS Wednesday 22nd October 2014 14.00-15.15
Academic Communication Skills SCE/MVM Wednesday 22nd October 2014 15.45-17.00
Ghost Tour Thursday 30th October 2014 19.00-20.00
Your Supervisor and You Friday 14th November 2014 09.30-11.30
Scottish Parliament Visit (1) Thursday 27th November 2014 10.00-13.00
Scottish Parliament Visit (2) Thursday 5th March 2015 10.00-13.00
Glen Coe Visit (1) Friday 15th May 2015 09.00-18.00
Glen Coe Visit (2) Friday 29th May 2015 09:00-18.00

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