Develop your Business & Enterprise skills

Do you have entrepreneurial ambitions or a desire to develop your career in a business environment? If so then the IAD’s business and enterprise training may be of interest . . .

The institute for Academic Development are running a series of business and enterprise training workshops during Semester 1 (Oct – Dec 2013).  These workshops provide training and support to students and staff, helping them to develop the skills to start their own business or enhance their career options.

Many attend the programme to gain the skills required to be enterprising academics, or to stand out at interviews with large organisations. Others know they wish to work in a start-up and are seeking specific enterprise skills. Whatever your motivation, the business skills you develop will be of value in your research and beyond.

Topics such as finance, PR, business presentations skills, negotiation, business plan and much more are available and with a different workshop running each week, you can chose to attend all the workshops or just individual workshops.  The programme starts off with the ‘Business Idea Development’ workshop to get your creative juices flowing!

Another aim of the courses is to allow students and staff to build their business networks and, as part of this, the half-day workshops are delivered by experienced staff from Scottish companies in a range of sectors, who can provide experience of working in the business environment and provide advice on establishing a business.

Not only is the training and support on offer in general business awareness, more specific entrepreneurship support can be provided if required; the IAD work closely with the launch.ed programme (which supports students and staff through the commercialisation process).

Come along to the courses and find out more information and start developing those business and enterprise skills!!

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One thought on “Develop your Business & Enterprise skills

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